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I'm looking for someone who is semi-literate. I can write anywhere from 2-8 paragraphs depending on how much I'm given to work with, please try to match length. Here's the plot:

On the planet of Noitagerges all females are born in sets of twins, by nature each girl looks radically different color wise; hair color, eye color, and even skin color never appear twice in a set of twins. As a result the societies of Noitagerges have only two futures for the women depending on appearance, either they become a wife or they become a mistress. The wife has the freedom to get a job (if her husband or parents allows, depending if she is already married), walk around in public, wear what she wants, and most importantly (in their planet’s eyes) marry and have children. The mistresses on the other hand is seen as nothing more than sex objects and slaves; not allowed to have a job, not allowed to go outside without their sister (the wife, they are promised to the same man on their seventeenth birthday) or their sister’s wife, forced into a strict uniform system made to shame, and forbidden from marriage and child bearing. 

In the gulf side town of Quaint in the country of Tnagorra, high upon the loft hills in a dusty old mansion, two sister’s are only a few months away from their seventeenth birthday and their subsequent promised-ness to a wealthy merchant’s son. The wife-to-be Ophelia is a calm and obedient girl while the mistress-to-be Marina is the rowdy and independent reason why their mother’s hair has turned grey. In preparation the two girls are carefully introduced to their intended and, despite the fact that Marina has purposely showed off her aggressive and loud personality in attempts to scare off him as she had every suitor before him, Marina and the man ended up hitting it off. As the months go by they seem to develop a relationship much closer and romantic then the master mistress relationship is intended to be, he even promises that he will marry her instead, a move that would turn the social system on it's head. When it comes time for Marina's and Ophelia's seventeenth birthday and the huge party is held though she is devastated to learn that he plans to marry Ophelia and force her into a life of glorified slave. Rage feed by a rebellious nature and a broken heart Marina will run off and fight for the change that her world desperately needs, to break down the system even if it means a bloody and merciless revolution.  

I'm looking for someone to play the mother and the man, I'll be playing Marina and Ophelia. I can't wait to hear from you :)
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