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Like the title says I'm looking for a horror rp. I'm semi-literate and can write anywhere from 4 to 8 paragraphs depending on how much I'm given to work with. Here's the plot:

Deep within the forests of Germany lies a long abandoned manor, having been emptied of it's occupants for more than a century... the living occupants that is. The first and last master of that God forsaken tomb had made his fortune from mines that he owned and by extorting money from the surrounding villages, the only creatures he showed any affection to were his hunting dogs and his beloved yet frail fiancée. He had gone off to settle some business a month before their wedding, returning three and a half weeks later only to find his young bride dying of tuberculosis, she didn't survive to see their wedding day. Driven mad with grief he and his devoted staff turned to the black magic to try and revive her, blackening his already dark heart. People were taken to the manor but never came out again, when the restless villages stormed the manor they were met with a horrible sight. Not only had the taken people been slaughtered in a satanic manner the master and the staff had committed a mass suicide, leaving the first floor a hell house of Gore and blood. Now in modern times the mansion has been forgotten but tales of demonic entities still linger around the forest, the highway that runs through it rarely being used due to the dozens of unsolved disappearances that had occurred over the years. None would know that the entities were that of the manor's master and his servants who are unshaking in loyalty even in death, turned into blood thirsty demons feeding off the flesh of the living as they search for the precious bride. On New Years night, on the long derelict road, a car will drive in hopes of lessening travel time while carrying four tired passengers. One passenger looks just like the bride, sounds just like the bride, and despite trying to act tough has a personality just like the bride. The car crashes and the passengers will be whisked away to the manor, the wedding may commence! Will the look a like and her friends escape or become another set of spirits for the manor best left forgotten?

I'm looking for someone to play the master of the mansion and 2 of the humans, I'll be playing the bride look-a-like and another passenger along with another demon as well. If you're interested either comment on this journal or note me, I can't wait to hear from you. :)
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