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Luisa Rizzo by CreepyLuna
Luisa Rizzo

Name: Luisa Rizzo

Age: 28

Height: 8’10”

Nationality: Italian

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: her daughter Allecra, comic books, working, working out, hanging with friends, her family, Batman, Oswald Cobblepot, fighting, meat, and intimidating people

Dislikes: Rude people, stool pigeons, having nothing to do, being taunted, having to attend parties, loud noises, cold weather, snobs, sour and bitter foods, and mainstream beauty standards

Biography: Not much is known about where Luisa or her daughter Allecra came from or their past, only that they come from Italy and that Mr. Rizzo is no longer in the picture. A woman made to deal beatings and take them too her pudgy exterior is less a cuddly pillow and more a shock absorbing  shield, hiding steel strength muscles underneath. Combine this with her towering height and you got an imposing woman that you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley, or even in a well lit street. She was one of the few women who showed up to the Penguin’s hideout looking to fill a secretary position, he initially dismissed her for a thinner girl but changed his tune when a rude thug of his insulted her on her way out and she responded by throwing him through a wall. With time the two came to be very fond of one another, she was one of the few women in Gotham who truly thought that he was attractive and likable, he liked that she was patient enough to deal with his tantrums and he had to admit the more he saw her the more he liked her. When she isn’t in the hideout or accompanying him on business she’s hanging out with her daughter or with friends. There is still so much mystery about her though. Where did she get those full body white scars?  Who are her friends that she’s always off to see? Why won’t she tell even Ozzie about her past?

Miscellaneous facts: She calls Ozzie her “Piccolo Uccello”, which means Little Bird

A Batman OC of mine, with a very crude Oswald Cobblepot silhouette for size comparison.

Julia 'Berry' Hessian by CreepyLuna
Julia 'Berry' Hessian
Redo of my character Berry.

Julia ‘Berry” Hessian

Age: 126

Sex: Female

Species: Headless

Likes: Cars, motorcycles, socializing, humans, working on vehicles, drawing up blueprints, babysitting the neighborhood kids, hanging out, getting into tussles, being with her brothers and father, keeping busy

Dislikes: Having nothing to do, romance, being alone for extended periods of time, HEIGHTS, frilly things, her father roping her into doing chores around his house for him, killing, obnoxious people, Lovey-dovey people

Bio: Creating her with old parts of his past victims the Headless Horseman made her partial out a want to have a daughter to spoil but also to have another set o hands to do the chores that he didn’t want to do around the house. His hopes for a little princess were dashed rather quickly as his daughter Julia turned out to be quite the little hellion, drawn to the underground scenes that every decade brought. Now that she’s grown up she’s settled into the motorized vehicle enthusiast scene, working as a mechanic in Sleepy Hollow while fawning over vintage motorcycles and cars. She discovered ChalkZone through an old box of chalk in her father’s attic, doodling on the chalkboard during her break she was a little confused to find a portal to a new world. Since then she visits ChalkZone mostly to see how her blueprints would work without having to build them, to provide quicker travel, and to hang out with some of the NightZoners. She met Rudy during some weirdo named Skrawl kidnapped a bunch of the night dwelling living drawing and mistook her for one of them as well, long story short Skrawl ended up with a boot print indented where the sun doesn’t shine and Rudy ended up with an older friend to teach him about things like car repair and fighting.

Masha Alik by CreepyLuna
Masha Alik
Redo of my old character Jane, as you can see I also changed her name.

: Masha Alik

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Orientation: Pansexual

Birthday: January 19th

Species: Halfa

Powers: Illusion, sleight of hand, unsettling presence

Likes: Painting, sculpting, sewing, collages, sleeping, flying, sketching, scribbling, eating, drinking, girls, guys, writing, collecting old things, divination in its many forms, keeping her environment neat

Dislikes: Studying, pysh ed, sitting still, math, having the areas where she frequents being messy, having her things turn up missing or taken, mornings, ghost hunters, confinement

Bio: Born to a rather cruel woman Masha only spent a few years with her mother in America before she was taken away by social services, there she was just kind of passed around from foster until a member of her notoriously elusive family could be found. Eventually her grandmother took over custody and Masha was shipped off to Russia where her grandmother worked as a fortune teller at the Popov Brothers Circus, a circus that the family had been working in for generations. There Masha was apprenticed under her grandmother so that she would take over the job of fortune teller when her grandmother passed. Unfortunately her grandmother passed after 10 years of training Masha and at 14 years of age the young girl was too young to take over the position that her grandmother left behind.  Wishing for stability for her and themselves her aunt and uncle decided to leave the circus and move into a house in the America’s, hoping that the lack of constant traveling would calm them all down. Seeking out some place quiet and big they stumble upon the old Townson place in Amity Park, the perfect place to start a new life.

Moonstone by CreepyLuna

    ·         Name: Moonstone

    ·         Height: 4’6”

    ·         Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    ·         Side: Neutral

    ·         Weapon: Khopesh

    ·         Likes: Jade, being fused with Jade, the moon, ancient Egyptian culture, spa days, Pearl, Garnet, sweets, Steven, anthropology

    ·         Dislikes: Being alone, being made fun of for her short stature, Peridot

    ·         Bio: After the war Moonstone was one of the first gems outside the four main crystal gems to regenerate. Finding the battlefield empty and thinking the rest dead or missing she committed herself to learning more about the human world, specifically the cultures. Luckily she found herself regenerated during the early days of the Egyptian empire, an exciting period in history that she took to like a duck to water. Using her gem powers to impress and help the people she was allowed audiences with the pharaohs, giving her front row seats to all that the culture had to offer. There she remained until the fall of the empire where upon she began to wander once more. This wandering last many years until one day while wandering the countryside of China she happened upon a Buddhist temple where myth said a woman of mysterious powers appeared. There she found the love of her life whom she had thought shattered in the war, the towering Jade. Happy to be reunited the two began to wander together in hopes of finding other gems that had survived, arriving in Beach City one chilly October morning along with Carnelian.

    ·         Fusion Dance: Egyptian belly dance

Golden Rutilated Quartz by CreepyLuna
Golden Rutilated Quartz
• Name: Golden Rutilated Quartz
• Height: 6’7”
• Pronouns: Them/they’re/theirs
• Side: Diamond Authority/neutral
• Weapon: Laser throwing knives
• Likes: Sleep, coffee, geology, computers, Amethyst, Peridot, Steven, the Sunday comics
• Dislikes: Their job, Jasper, Mondays, mornings, the weightlessness of space, decaf
• Bio: Acting less as a big bad part of the diamond authority and more like an over worked office worker GRQ only attacks when they feel like they’re being monitored by higher ups or while their visor is recording. Otherwise they’re happy just to hang around Beach City with Steven and company. They’re energetic for the most part but can easy tire out into a lazy state; they have taken quite the fancy to the earth beverage known as coffee. Their job of studying gems is the equivalent to the human job of studying anatomy, collecting shards and separating forcibly fused ones in the hopes that one day they might find a way to heal/bring back a gem without the use of gems with healing powers.
• Fusion Dance: dubstep
Melissa was born a perfectly normal little girl with the right number of toes and fingers, perfectly ordinary in every way. That’s what made her transformation all the more unexpected, it started with her toes and worked upwards, she was turning invisible.  By the time she was ten not only her body completely clear but any clothing she wore also turned completely unviewable. Rather than let these circumstances get her down or use them for malicious intent she takes up a job under a private detective’s firm, working with the detective’s son/apprentice. They deal mostly with missing persons cases and suspected domestic abuse, but one day the detective goes missing investigating reports of a series of murders on a remote fog shrouded island. Traveling there to find her partner’s father they find themselves stuck in a nearly deserted town where bad things happen “on their own”, the feeling of being watched radiating throughout places like the town hall. What’s going on here and are they all in danger?

I'm looking for someone to play the son and perhaps one or two other characters, I'll be playing multiple characters as well. The minimum per post is 3 good sized paragraphs. If you're interested then send me a note, I can't wait to hear from you!
  • Listening to: Halloween Sound Effect CDs
  • Reading: Witches Abroad
  • Watching: Horror game walkthroughs

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